One for the 'Sweet Hearts' out there

Morning dew on a pond reed. I thought it made a nice abstract

This is my entry for the Panasonic Lumix UK photo competition for February 2013. The subject is 'Close up abstract'. These are screws shot on a slightly longer exposure whilst moving green and red reflective card around the screws.

Some waterdrop photography done in my kitchen using green and purple coloured card reflecting the flash.
this one got published in a Panasonic supplementary magazine that came with the Digital Photrapher magazine in 2013

This is a macro of some wet leaf veins taken in Museum Gardens, York. I thought it made quite a good abstract shot.


Flower Bead

Pencil Tips
Tabletop macro shots done in the kitchen


Oil droplets floating on water with colour card background

Some liqorice allsorts refracted though some water droplets. I entered this for one of the monthly competitions on the Panasonic UK Lumix site and came 1st.


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